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My business is in saving lives and teaching workers how the legislation empowers them to change work place practices.

Bay Learning Academy

We connect people

                                             .....from all around the world!

Students come to learn English and we also try to give them the best experience possible in NZ while they are here. While they are skiing, they have to use English, while they are climbing the Mount, helping with Coastcare, camping at Ngatahoa etc. they have to use English..and they are making connections with each other. 

We have students from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Moldova, Tahiti, Russia, China to name some, and these people are making connections that will stay with them forever. We think this is important for our world, it makes it smaller, friendlier and more tolerant. 

And we send people out into this wonderful world with skills to teach others, we hope they take the Kiwi spirit with them while they are teaching there. We know they have when at least one of our graduates was part of a fund-raising ride for a Children's charity in Indonesia! 

We work with people...and it's brilliant!

Dark Sapphire Pet Photography

As an animal (or as I like to call her , a furchild) owner myself, when it came to Saffy's later years I had not given images a second thought. Until an eventful check up at her vet made it blatantly obvious she was rapidly running out of time. I then realised I did not have ANY printable images (or anything remotely keepable) of her! This started my journey and passion for what I do. You see, I too have been in the shoes of each of my cliients! I dont see a cat/dog- when people come to me I see a living being with a unique personality and view of the world, and, just like people portraits it is incredibly important to capture these moments. The unfortunate truth is , at some point these moments cease to exist. I always say your pet's portrait session is your very own little time machine, preserving that piece of the past forever. A photography package with a professional captures that in ways that novice image snaps cannot.

DataGenius Software Labs Ltd

"DataGenius is a clever solution provider" - that's not what we say. Our Clients happily sing our praise with statement.

I keep my Client's priorities, profitability and productivity ahead of me. Clients can see that every single $ they spend with DataGenius boosts their business many times - so why would they not love us. 

We will take this to the next level - if our Clients, communities, and partners indeed love DataGenius & me - let them also vote for us. Let's revel in their happiness to support us. 

The David Awards - thanks to you for providing this platform.


Ordinary people striving for exceptional impact

The BUSINESS buddy team is small and determined. They are relentless about delivering their promise to their clients, recognising success comes from its clients' success and their key principle is “Growing your business is our business.”

Every BUSINESS buddy is approachable, knows their clients beyond the numbers and profit margins, and they demonstrate an appreciation of the greater impact business has on individuals, families, partners, community and the economy.

Their purpose is to support clients and their businesses in an innovative, transparent and interactive way.

Importantly, when thrown a curveball, BUSINESS buddy has shown it can pick itself up and look at opprtunites the challenge has presented.

Giving innovation a whirl

BUSINESS buddy has set the pace for the business advisory profession and accounting.

They emphasize using technology to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of their clients as well as their own operations.

They thrive on the changes Xero and other business apps deliver to their clients.

They would never expect clients to do something they wouldn't do themselves so BUSINESS buddy really does walk the talk.

BUSINESS buddy uses Xero Practice Manager to manage jobs, tasks...

Filter Disposal Services

You should vote for Filter Disposal Services because we are one of a kind! What we are doing is educating people about the harmful effects of waste oil filters and providing a solution so that people can take the initiative to be responsible and do their bit to help protect New Zealands environment.

We offer a cost effective environmentally friendly system for the collection and disposal of waste oil filters helping minimise contamination of landfills as well as helping businesses to be compliant in their industry.

"Each oil filter has on average more than a quarter of a litre of used oil."

"One litre of used oil can contaminate one million litres of water"

By voting us for The People's Choice award it will give us the exposure that we need to bring it to kiwi's attention that there is a solution for waste oil filters. What we do not only benefits us now but will do ever more so into the distant future all because we took action today. We have worked very hard to bring to where the business is today and would love some kind of recognition or acknowledgement for the good hard work we do.

Please, Please Please vote for Filter Disposal Services!!!!!

Elevation Chartered Accountants Limited

As a boutique Chartered Accountancy practice in Tauranga we do a lot more than traditional accounts and tax returns.  In 2017 we have incorporated a large number of new programmes into our offerings.

My vision is to have programmes to enable business owners to growth themselves and their business.  This includes the following:

 - Elevate your business - online course aimed at new business owners and answering the questions they have over the first 2 years of business.

 - Business expense reduction programme - aimed to minimising overhead cost to increase profit.

 - Sales analysis programme - aimed at ensuring people have set their prices correctly and they understand the implications of sales on their profits

  - Coaching programme - 12 month mastery of the concepts in the elevate your business programme

Everything is designed to ensure the business owner is in control of their business and can make decisions quickly based on changes that have occurred environmentally, economically and with their employees.

I am also working on a programme to allow owners to include some sustainability and social enterprise aspects to their businesses.

This is all alongside providing traditional accounting services.

Broadband Compare

Not many businesses can save you almost $300 a year but that is what Broadband Compare - https://www.broadbandcompare.co.nz/ - does for 100s of Kiwis every month.

Broadband is now essential to our daily lives and over the last few years, the NZ government has been improving broadband availability across New Zealand. You might have noticed bulletins, road works and ‘internet guys’ appearing everywhere across the country and yet many New Zealanders do not know their UFB from their RBI or their VDSL from their Mbps and that is where Broadband Compare tries to help... Broadband Compare is a consumer empowerment tool. We demystify the world of broadband and the internet and help those New Zealanders who do not really understand what you want or need from your internet connection.

Broadband Compare is all about helping you to find the best broadband plan for your particular needs. We've made the site easy to use and compare and if you do have any difficulty then we are here on the phone or online chat to help you make an informed decision. If you have not yet compared then check out the site, it takes just 2 minutes to compare and you could save hundreds of dollars.  Then, if you like what you see, please vote!

Your vote for the David Awards People's Choice category would be gratefully received. Thanks for your support!

Funding Connection

Funding Connection is a Consultancy Service which connects schools, charitable trusts and not-for-profit organisations to funding opportunities.  It shows clients how to compile a funding application for maximum impact. And shows schools how to spend their Operational Budget more effectively by identifying items that are more fundable than others.  

Prospective funding providers are represented by a committee which considers numerous applications for the same pool of funds. The committee may know little or nothing about your organisation. It is vitally important when you submit your application that it is complete and adequately supported. Funding Connection will assist and guide you through the process, helping avoid common pitfalls that may mean your application is not even considered.

The application form is the easy part, it's the cover letter and other documents that take more effort. YOU know your group and I know what funders want in an application. Funding applications are a team effort, using Google docs, email and phone we create a funding application with maximum impact and without the waffle.

Funding Connection was created because of a need identified in the community; YOUR community. I am here to help you, help yourselves.


Funding Connection is providing a much needed service to New Zealand schools. Voting for Funding Connection in The People's Choice category will help me get closer to...

SweetAs Cakeaway

SweetAs has only been in operation less than 6 months . The continuous growth each week has seen us turn profit already, which we put straight back into creating new delicious desserts to add to the menu and improving the experience. Being the 1st of its kind in NZ we have taken he business with 2 hands and together with a sleek marketing campaign , which reflects our fun outgoing personalities , and we used the best ingredinets , consumers get restaurant quality desserts delivered . Not only do they get amaizng quality products , coming from an extensive customer service and sales background , we make sure our consumers are not just customers but Fans 

Somar Design Studios

Over the past year we’ve honed our service offering and greatly improved every aspect of Somar’s internal systems and practices. This helped us add new clients and grow our revenue significantly, setting us up for continued expansion as a high-performing business.

Our clients include Metlink, the Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Cancer Society and the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office. We are also building relationships with public organisations in the US and the UK.

We’ve worked hard to build a best-practice culture and environment for our staff. As an emerging company, the chance to help everyone evolve and grow along with the business is key to ongoing resilience.

NZ Sign Solutions

From our beginning in 2009, during the height of the Global Financial Crisis, we started as a Owner/Operator who had 12 years experience in the signage industry and more years in the printing industry knowing we wanted to offer high quality sign graphics both from the design perspective and the practical aspect of signs that not only are effective but last. 

We grew to employ a full-time Graphic Designer/Print Production operator along with a full-time Account/Marketing Manager.

In 2012 we were runner-up in the Westpac Auckland North Business Awards Best Emerging Business. The winner was a company that eventually won the overall category so a very difficult competitor category.

In 2013 we purchased another sign company who specialised in the education and changeable letter sign market which gave us a unique selling point and increased our profile, marketing to schools and tertiary providors.

We received a Gold Medal in the category of Dimensional Signs by The NZ Sign & Display Awards in 2015 for our Values Pencils which are our own unique design.

2016 can only be described as a shocker of a year, with Keith (Director) falling ill suddenly and having emergency surgery with a further 5 operations throughout the year meaning he was unable to work. Karen (wife & Accounts/Marketing Manager) had to jump in the deep end and go through a steep learning curve to 'keep the doors open' to make sure customers were not affected. Working 7am...

Nest Consulting

Nest's vision is 'To enhance awareness, appreciation & knowledge of our selves, achieving empowerment, informed choices & acceptance through education, understanding & support'.
Health and wellbeing dictates how each and every one of us function within our communities. Nest aim to ensure relevant education, information and resources with a focus on equity so each person is more able to make informed choices towards their own and their whanau's health and wellbeing.
Nest Consulting's aim is to impart accurate information and connect people with useful and appropriate services. All of Nest's work is community driven. Nest Consulting has strict standards about authenticity, choice, respect, kindness, diversity, sustainability, promoting environmental awareness and achieving health with a focus on equity.
In 2010 Nest's founder researched and wrote the first school programme and presented it in our first school. Seven years later Nest Consulting has about 140 programmes running throughout Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.. We are able to reach caregivers/Whanau/Parents through our Whanau Information Evenings and provide additional supports via our website and social media.
We have begun offering supports to Teachers and Medical professionals.
We have extended our services to include other needs in the community. i.e. providing holistic assessments and resources to those on a benefit with medical issues, researching and formating a...

New Definition Brows

We have all of our lovely clients to thank for supporting us over the past 4 years- you have been with us through all the ups and the downs and for that we are truely thankful. We wouldnt be where we are today without each and every one of you! We created New Definition Brows because we wanted to offer you a safer and more gentle alternative to waxing. we also understood that you are all so busy and needed to take some time out for yourselves and so we wanted to transform the typical 10 minute "wam, bam thank you mam" brow treatment into a 30 minute luxury service, using only best practice techniques and products in order to give you those designer brows you know and love. Please take some time out to vote for us, whether you are a client of ours, or simply just dont like the current practice of brow waxing. We are aiming to transform the way brows are done in NZ and improve the standards in the industry, but most importantly we want to spread the word about the damage brow waxing can cause and encourage ladies to try threaing instead - and you can help us do this x 

Florist at the Dunedin Warehouse

Florist at the Dunedin Warehouse, this is who I am. Fresh quality flowers at reasonable prices. Customer choices, ie. flowers, colours, wrapping styles are part of the process. Customers buy flowers to make someone else feel good. It is nice to see customers feel good about thier purchase and see the smiles on thier faces as they walk out. Customers know how much they are spending as I always ask first what the budget is and we work together toward an excellent result for both myself and them. Every bunch of flowers must have a Wow factor to me and is puposefully designed to the approriate ocassion, with customer input. I am grateful to every person who trusts me to provide them with flowers for thier purposes. I also care about the product I sell and am cofident enough to give a customer come back to me if not happy for any reason. Nobody has so far. This verbal promise also keeps me honest and opting to perform my creativity to the best of my ability. Happy customers give return business and tell others. I know this work as most of my customers tell me this.  The cheapest form of advertising is working with the customer, by providing excellent service and a quality fresh product, beautifully presented.

Workplace First Aid Training Ltd

We have written a children’s first aid book and an instructional resource to enable any adult to teach a quality hands on first aid course to children. Civil defence sponsor the book and they have included civil defence information in it also. All proceeds from the programme are donated quarterly to the local rescue helicopter in the area the programme was delivered.

We have also developed hydration charts “What colour is your pee”.  These are displayed about urinals in the Dunedin Stadium and in many student flats as they keep getting stolen. The fruit juice version is for the school and it ties in with our children’s book.

We also custom build first aid kits with our logo on them. We have built first aid kits to exceed health and safety guidelines, Sports kits in partnership with Sport Otago and Mitre 10 Mega. We have also built Emergency kits for Otago regional Council and Civil Defence. We built survival kits for scouts and donated one to each scout in Coastal Otago. Their moto is “be prepared” and they weren’t until we made the donation. Phil then went to each scout group and showed the kids how to use their kits.

Frankie Apothecary

We produce effective dry, itchy skin remedies for skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatits by embracing traditional Rongoa Maori techniques and the highly effective native Kawakawa Plant.

12 months ago I was a busy stay at home mother to a new baby and a very busy toddler.  That toddler suffered with severe eczema.  Her skin was constantly itchy, inflamed and raw and she would wake through the night with terribly itchy skin and blood stained sheets.

I was on a mission to develop a skincare ointment to relieve her symptoms through shear frustration of spending hundreds of dollars on every skincare treatment on the market, with very little effect. I wanted to stay clear of steroid creams due to the side effects for my daughters skin.

Being part Maori, I learned about the healing properties of the native NZ Kawakawa plant and how it was used by Maori hundreds of years ago to treat irritated skin.  I completed a skincare course and a Rongoa Maori course and under the guidance of my father, harvested Kawakawa in his Mangahwai bush using traditional techniques.  I had access to research which suggested that the chemical components of Kawakawa were lost at heat so I developed a unique way of extracting Kawakawa and formulating the now Kawakawa Balm.  

My daughters skin healed within 2 days and because Eczema is such a prevalent problem across NZ and the world, word spread purely organically about the Kawakawa Balm that I had created and I began...

Number Nurses

Number Nurses® relieve your pain

The Number Nurses® creative presence, online and in print, is smart, sassy, informative and effective - just like a Number Nurse®.

Every member of the Number Nurses® team promises clients that there is relief and the clincher – ‘Giving business owners their time back’ promises small to medium enterprises and accountants that they can have a business and a life.

Number Nurses® have been exposed to numerous industry sectors and they have developed strong skills in managing everything from the mildest ailment to complete business melt downs.

This has raised standards and rather than business owners feeling overloaded with the myriad of bookkeeping tasks required, with a Number Nurse® by their side, they have a tonic that puts the buzz back into business.

Number Nurses® promise that “If we can’t save you time, our time is FREE.”

Rather than business owners feeling overloaded with the myriad of bookkeeping tasks required, with a Number Nurse® by their side, they have a tonic that puts the buzz back into business. 

The fledgeling business has started out with tip-top health and continuously monitors the vital signs to ensure it reaches its milestones.

Number Nurses® plans to grow into a fit and healthy professional leader.

Setting the standard

The inaugural Number Nurse® franchisee, Camille De Guzman says, “I’m proud to be part of this...